Quick Knot ‐ Perfect braids within seconds!

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  • Quick Knot XL – 100pcs


Quick Knot is the new patented must-have tool for achieving professional competition braids in a couple of seconds ‐ so no more needle and thread or elastic bands ‐ the clip is as easy to put in, as it is to remove.

With Quick Knot you will

Save a huge amount of time, every time!

Create your braids within seconds, instead of minutes…

Get professional and stunning results

With Quick Knots braids have never looked so good

Apply your braids easily and effortlessly

Quick Knot clips are easy to use and keep the braids firmly held

What others say about Quick Knot

‘Simple, quick and looks pretty awesome too!’
Becky Moody, Professional Grand Prix Rider
‘A brilliant idea that will revolutionize braiding!’
Hannah Biggs, Professional Grand Prix Rider
‘So simple yet effective for all types of horses!’
Annie Cowan, Professional Grand Prix Rider
Julia Bowen-Farneman
Julia Bowen-Farneman
Application was FAST!! I haven't done a set of braids in 25 years!! Set was completed in about 40 minutes!! (15 braids)
Hillary Ellison Oliver
Hillary Ellison Oliver
I will never go back to sewn in braids! I used Quick Knots on many different horses all summer at shows, by far the quickest and easiest to use! If a horse rubs, it just pops the clip open and the braid unrolls. You just take the clip out, re-roll and you are good to go. I also find that the horses don’t rub as much because the hair isn’t pulled so tightly. I use the XL size on very thick manes, but the regular size works well on average manes. I love my Quick Knots!read more
Alex Sherman
Alex Sherman
I used these for the first time this past weekend and they are amazing! First off they cut down the amount of time it took to braid probably in half and secondly they stayed exactly as I left them for early morning dressage and onto stadium in the afternoon. I typically use yarn but my buttons always tend to end up lopsided or crooked but with the quick knots they were all perfect! Will never use yarn again!!read more
Ivy Backes
Ivy Backes
Won’t braid without them ever again! Life and time saver!! �����
Elena Flaharty
Elena Flaharty
Love them! Helps make the braids come out evenly and stay put!
Tina Adams
Tina Adams
Used my quick knots at a show this weekend. It beats sewing any day! A couple notes - I purchased the "grey" and its just uncoated silver (like a paperclip), I was hoping it would be coated like the black or brown versions. It takes a bit of practice to place it so the silver isn't obvious. Also, the metal is pretty strong so if you are doing a lot of braiding with them it saves your fingers if you have a small pair of pliers to bend the end when putting them in or taking them out. Worked best on a good thick braid. But holds great!read more
Anne Margaret Meyers
Anne Margaret Meyers
Cannot day enough positive things about this product! Braiding is so much easier than both sewing them in and using elastics. They are also so easy to take out. The braids are beautiful! I am so happy with them! Highly recommend these!read more
Jennifer L. McLandrich
Jennifer L. McLandrich
Just received my Quick Knots. The test braid worked wonderfully!! Can't wait to use them at a show! Will let you know more once I do. Very excited!!read more

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